Black Out Night – Friday, August 18


What is Black Out Night, you ask?

This is a community tradition that was started in 2014 by one of the original homeowners in San Elijo Hills – Karishma Sinnott. If you’ve lived here a while, you know that we have a pretty unique sense of community in San Elijo Hills. And, if you’ve been here during a disaster – like the San Diego black out of 2011 or the fires of 2014, you have witnessed how events like this really bring our community together and make it stronger.

So, the thinking behind Black Out Night is – Why wait for a disaster to occur? Why not create moments for us to purposefully get together. To turn off the outside world for a bit and to focus on connecting with the people right in our own backyard? Just because we can.

That’s what Black Out Night is all about. On the last Friday before school starts – which means August 18 this year – you are encouraged to pretend like we’re in a black out. Turn off your TV, shut off your phone, get outside in your front yard and hangout with your neighbors. Stir up a block party, BBQ or potluck. It can be as organized or as spontaneous as you like. The intention is to unplug from the digital world and engage in the real world. Have a little real live face time with your neighbors. Deepen those connections so that they are there when you truly need them.

You could also think about doing something as a neighborhood to thank our firefighters and first responders. Why wait until a fire to say thank you? It can also be a good time to chat about disaster preparedness with your neighbors. Share ideas and resources about your own evacuation plans and emergency supplies.

Cool idea, right?

What will you do to stir up Black Out Night in your neighborhood? We’d love to hear about it. In fact, we would encourage you to SHARE the night on social media…but then, that wouldn’t be a Black Out Night, would it? So, instead, we are telling you to put down your phone for the night. Act as if the electricity is out and the food in your fridge is going to go back if you don’t SHARE it with your neighbors!

Have some fun with this! Get the kids involved! Show them how important it is to ‘unplug’ every now and again. Don’t wait for a disaster to connect with your neighbors. Get to know them now and foster those friendships so they are easy to activate when you really need them.

Black Out Night starts at 5PM on Friday, August 18. Show your community spirit and stir something up!