Creekside General Store


Time to get out and explore the neighborhood in 2018! Jason Cronky recently opened Creekside General Store and if you are a lover of craft beers, wine & spirits – well, this is a spot you will want to know about.

Creekside General Store is located at 640 Grand Ave #102 in San Marcos. It’s tucked away a bit, but it’s an EASY place to get to from San Elijo Hills and when you’re looking for a great selection of craft beers – you won’t find a better selection anywhere nearby.

Lots of us know Jason from his years coaching baseball. Jason is a retired Marine. He and his family have lived in San Marcos for 10 years. He is super passionate about the community and especially our craft community. He worked for Anheuser Busch for 12 years and then with Gallo where he learned more about the wine & spirits industry. Today, he has turned his industry experience and passion for our community into a unique space designed to support local business and to showcase local brewers and distillers.

Creekside General Store is kind of like a small BevMo. You will find an incredible selection of craft beers, wine & spirits, as well as gourmet juices, cold brew coffee, kombucha and more. It’s super clean and spacious and it’s a perfect place to grab a host gift because they have gift bags and cards right there. In fact, they will even make you a custom gift basket – maybe a collection of whiskeys or IPAs for that someone who is hard to shop for.

The prices are very competitive and what’s great is that like most of the big store options, you don’t have to buy 6 of something in order to get the good price. Just pop in and buy that one special beer you’ve been wanting to try.

Here’s the tricky thing…you might not even know Creekside General Store is there. But, once you discover it – you’ll keep going back. It’s on the other side of Grand across from Hobby Lobby tucked in between the new Creekside construction and The Habit. For the longest time that building was a standalone all by itself – vacant for years. Today, it is getting a makeover and Creekside General Store is a big part of it.

Next time you’re wanting a special craft beer or to stock up for your next party, come check out what will soon be your favorite liquor store and then, tell your friends. Creekside General Store is open now from 9AM to 9PM daily and 9AM to 10PM on Friday and Saturday.

From San Elijo, travel over Twin Oaks toward CSUSM and turn left on Craven going toward San Marcos Blvd. It changes into Bent Ave. as you cross over Discovery. Turn right onto Creekside and then left onto Neighborhood St. for the easiest access and less stop lights.

And, when you stop in, say hi to Jason. Let him show you around and hear about his passion for our local community and some of his current favorites.

Creekside General Store is located at 640 Grand Ave #102, San Marcos or call (760) 891-8443.