Stick it Out – Celebrating Brooke DeMaggio


Think you have to be in a sport your entire life in order to be a serious player? Think again! Brooke DeMaggio is making it clear that determination, practice and focus are what matters most.

Brooke has lived in San Elijo Hills since kindergarten and will start 9th grade at San Marcos High this month. She recently played in the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Tournament in Baltimore. To make this team of the best 20 players in 8th and 9th grade was an honor she worked hard to achieve. Not only was she the youngest on the team, she made the first cut – even though she has only played lacrosse for 1.5 years.

Brooke has always been athletic and willing to try new things. While watching her brother play Friday Night Lights football, she begged her parents to let her try out and became one of the first girls in the league. Brooke played football from 4th to 7th grade – including two years of varsity football at San Elijo Middle School.

Brooke received multiple gold track and field medals in 100M, Long Jump, 4×100 Relay, and holds the Gold for the 100M and 4×100 Relay for San Diego County 2016. Recognizing her speed, a friend suggested Brooke try out for lacrosse. She didn’t know anything about the sport, but decided to give it a try.

The first few weeks were frustrating as she learned the skills she needed to play, but she worked hard to become a strong player. Her coach, Lyle Tomlinson, at 3D with the San Marcos Youth Lacrosse was a huge inspiration. Seeing Brooke’s potential, he encouraged her to come to every A and B team practice and game to work on her skills, which she did. With countless hours of practice and determination, she earned a spot on the A team by the end of her first season.

From there, Brooke tried out for West Coast Starz travel team. It was intimidating at first because most of the team players had been playing for years, but Brooke quickly earned a spot on the highest ranking team and used the opportunity to improve her skills even further. She was a Surfstorm Tournament Champion in 2016 with West Coast Starz 2021 Team and a San Diego All Star in 2017.

Brooke continues to push herself to new challenges, which is what got her a place on the Under Armour All-America Under-Class Command West Team 2017. It was such an honor and she loved the experience. Seeing how differently they approach lacrosse on the East Coast really opened her eyes to how she can continue to evolve in the sport.

Brooke is always looking for ways to learn and improve. Knowing how much progress she has made in just 1.5 years, Brooke can’t wait to see where she takes it next. She hopes to play at SMHS on the varsity lacrosse team and will continue to play both recreationally and with her travel team.

We are sure to hear more from Brooke in the years ahead. Watch for her out on the field. She is a fantastic example of what you can achieve when you put yourself out there and work hard to advance. What an inspiration!