How to Find the Best Official Betting Sites

official betting

Whether you’re a seasoned sports fan, or just trying to find a good place to start, official betting sites offer a variety of services that are easy to use. You’ll be able to bet on sports events with a variety of different betting options, and you’ll even be able to access the services of professional sports handicappers.


Until a few years ago, sports gambling was taboo, but in the last few years the legal landscape has changed dramatically. A number of big name companies have entered the sports betting arena including BetMo, D2C Mattress Firm Nectar Home, and DraftKings.

In addition to the official betting games, DraftKings also offers a mobile app to go along with its fabled Vegas-like atmosphere. The site has a slew of betting options including live betting, period bets, and cash outs. The site has also partnered with MGM and Caesars Entertainment to round out its betting offerings.

Barstool Sportsbook

Using an official betting app from Barstool Sportsbook will provide you with an exciting wagering experience. In addition to offering a solid betting selection, the site is committed to promoting responsible gambling. The site is also equipped with a range of control measures to help address problem gamblers.

In addition to the traditional sign-up bonus, Barstool offers a risk-free bet. Bettors can bet up to $1,000 with no risk. However, the bonus is only available for the first bet.

Barstool Sportsbook is part of a larger online betting network owned by Penn National Gaming. The company has developed a large following of sports-loving fans. Its founder, Dave Portnoy, has said he’s planning to open the sportsbook in every legal state.


NBC Sports has officially entered into a sports betting partnership with PointsBet. The partnership will give PointsBet access to NBC Sports’ premium assets and year-round marketing opportunities.

PointsBet is an Australian brand that has quickly expanded its footprint in the United States. Its website is very easy to navigate and has a comprehensive menu of sports betting options. It also offers a new approach to spread betting and totals betting.

PointsBet is an excellent choice for recreational bettors and pros alike. The sportsbook has an innovative and user-friendly app that makes finding the best odds a breeze.


MMA is a growing sport all over the world. There are some sportsbooks that offer live in-play betting for UFC events. However, UFC’s conduct policy prohibits athletes, coaches, and their families from betting on UFC fights.

UFC fights last between 15 and 25 minutes. There are three five-minute rounds in each main event. There are also three five-minute rounds for non-title fights. There are also two-way Moneyline wagers, which only have two possible outcomes.

The most popular type of UFC betting is called Props. This type of wager asks the bettors to wager on how many rounds, or how long the fight will last. The payouts can be higher than straight-up bets. Moreover, UFC Props also cover the method of victory, including submissions.